Thursday, May 19, 2022

From the Pastor's Desk

May 22, 2022

 The United States Bishops have arranged for a 3-year Eucharistic Revival. Previously a poll was taken of people who identify as Catholics. They were asked if the believed that “Real Prescence” and “transubstaciation” described what they believed about the Eucharist. Only some 25% said yes. Now polls are polls, and they don’t represent the best means of getting a deep understanding, but it can signal something. It is shocking to have Catholics be unfamiliar with something so essential. This moved the bishops to plan their 3-year revival.

The opening date is June 18th. In various parts of the United States, we are having full day gathering with speakers, adoration, topflight musicians. In the Northeast the kick-off is in Lowell, MA at the UMass Lowell campus.  Cardinal Sean O’Malley will be the host. He is a Capuchin of course. In fact, that same week he will come to St. Pius to ordain to the priesthood Scott Leet OFM Cap. Bishop Robert Barron is one of the keynote speakers. He is probably the leading Catholic Apologist. Apology in theological terms doesn’t mean to say you are sorry but rather to show that what you believe is both reasonable and appealing. He makes Catholic belief come alive.

 When people gather there is a power. Playing at home helps sports teams, it energizes movements. We have a chance to be part of a gathering of thousands. We will gather not to cheer on a team. We gather to bath in the beauty of our faith: the Church as Bride of Christ and the Real Presence of Jesus Christ the Lord of all. I can’t believe that we won’t have a revival of faith and love.

 It is a long day. It has a price: $49 to enter the grounds and $45 for transportation. If we can get 45 people, we can rent our own bus. Otherwise, we will need to get to Tolland by 6am to join the bus there.

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Fr. Martin Curtin